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free Webinar: Behavioral Health: A Key to Work Force Productivity

Part 2 in an EARF-sponsored series on The Future of Workplace Behavioral Health Research
Session Description: In our earlier industrial economy, the most significant health-related issues that reduced workers’ capacity to perform at a high level were physical – for example, musculoskeletal pain. In what Peter Drucker has termed the post-industrial “knowledge-based” economy, where most jobs involve working with information rather than manual labor, the leading health-related issues have become mental and psychological. Survey findings from 30 employers in IHPM’s multi-national network (1.2 million employees across 6 major industrial sectors) identified mental health issues, particularly depression, as having the greatest impact on productivity from combined absenteeism and presenteeism (impaired functionality) while at work. Further evidence since that seminal survey have illuminated the wider impact of stress, both on and off the job, on workplace performance. This presentation will highlight the business case for more attention to behavioral health problems that take a larger economic toll on employers than the more obvious expenses of chronic medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. It will identify an opportunity beyond traditional health and wellness to define and measure the emerging concept of “wellbeing” as having the greatest potential impact on health, quality of life and productivity.

Speaker: Sean Sullivan JD, Co-Founder & President of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM)
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Time: 12noon – 1pm Eastern
Access the webinar with this link:

Please note that no advance registration is required, but attendance will be limited to first 200 participants. To participate, select Enter as a guest option, type your first and last name, and select Enter Room.


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