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Request for an EAP Historian

Dear EAPA Members,

The Employee Assistance Research Foundation is issuing this Sources Sought to identify persons interested in conducting a project for the Foundation to produce a history of employee assistance practice (EAP) in the United States and other countries. This history should focus upon work from the mid 1970s forward to the present, encompass developments between the late 1960s and the present, and incorporate a brief review of prior published historical work.

Persons wishing to express an interest should do so by sending a response to the EARF Foundation Office (address above), no later than  close of business on April 30, 2015.  Expressions of interest should be no longer than 3 single-spaced, typewritten pages and include the following information:

  • Personal qualifications, including academic credentials, research completed, and actual practice in the EAP field.
  • Description of working relationships with current leaders in the field and key organizations in the field.
  • Recommended methods for constructing the history, including use of archival resources, interviews with key leaders, review of meeting agendas, policy documents, etc.
  • Recommended staffing for the project, including potential collaborators, etc.
  • Estimated timeline and estimated total cost for the project.

For additional information please contact the Employee Assistance Research foundation at: 

PO Box 3146, Norfolk, VA 23514

Phone: 703-416-0060; Fax: 703-419-0014


Colorado EAPA Communications Team


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