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Workplace Outcome Suite available to track the impact of your EAP work

This tool was mentioned by Caitlin Kozicki Colorado EAPA president at the past chapter meeting.  Many Colorado EAPs utilize the Workplace Outcome Suite to build up empiricle evidence of the impact of EAP on organizations.  This tool can be used by organizations and private practioners.

Typical indices of EAP effectiveness, such as satisfaction, subjective reports, and reliance on studies done on other EAPs are no longer enough.  There is growing pressure to understand the end result or outcome of your program’s specific intervention in a real work setting.  Employers look mostly to their EAP vendors to initiate outcome evaluation, whereas vendors struggle with the task of finding a relevant outcome measure that is workplace focused and appropriate to the EAP setting.  We believe that struggle is now over. 

A short but highly valid and reliable measurement tool, Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS), is now available to EAPs at no cost.  (The suite is “free” with no strings attached, simply sign a short User Agreement.)
Demonstrate the workplace impact that is specific to your program!
  • Workplace focused
  • Short but precise (three minutes to complete)
  • Solid scientific foundation (valid and reliable)
  • Demonstrated psychometric properties
  • Well suited as a pre/post or longitudinal measure
  • Light administrative burden
Five Scales (each scale can stand alone)
  1. Absenteeism
  2. Presenteeism
  3. Work Engagement
  4. Life Satisfaction
  5. Workplace Distress 


  • Without outcome measures, there is no link between price and results.
  • Provide documentation regarding the productivity payback that is specific to your program. 
  • Move the emphasis away from “counting heads” to measuring results.
  • Differentiate your program with empirical data instead of marketing propaganda.

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